Law Amendment

With the decision published in the Official Gazette dated 19 September 2019, the minimum immovable value required for foreigners’ transition to citizenship was reduced from $ 1 million to $ 250 thousand within the framework of the “Regulation on the Amendment to the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law”.

The condition of not selling for 3 years

Citizenship is conditioned by certain conditions. Citizenship given to real estate for $ 250 thousand is asked not to sell for 3 years. The 3-year annotation is deducted to the real estate bought for citizenship.

Valuation report is obligatory for real estate which purchased for citizenship.

With the circular numbered 2019/1 dated 15.02.2019 published by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (TKGM) affiliated to the T.C. Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, real estate is no longer used not only for citizenship applications, but also for all sales transactions in which they are parties to buyers or sellers. Valuation report ‘obligation was introduced. The valuation report must be at least 3 months before the transaction date.

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